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EXCLUSIVE: Industrial Area prison reels in darkness amid threats of jail breaks

Parts of Nairobi Area Remand and Allocation Prison have been without power since late last year putting the lives of both the wardens and the inmates at risk, Nairobi News can authoritatively reveal.

The Industrial Area-based prison, which also serves a holding centre for convitcs awaiting redistribution to various jails across the country, has been in darkness since December 18, last year.

Prison warders have been using candles and tin lamps in their residential areas while most of the holding cells are in pitch darkness.


However, Prisons Commissioner General Isaiah Osugo denied that the remand home has been without power for a month, but inadvertently admitted that there was a time the prison had no power.

“That is something we sorted out long time ago. We paid Kenya Power and I can confirm that Nairobi Remand has power,” he told Nairobi News on phone.

Prisons Commissioner General Isaiah Osugo. PHOTO | FILE
Prisons Commissioner General Isaiah Osugo. PHOTO | FILE

When asked about parts of the prison that are still in darkness, he blamed the officer in charge for not buying bulbs.

“If there’s still parts of the prison that have no lighting then probably they have not bought bulbs. I will check with them to confirm these reports,” he added.

Sources revealed to Nairobi News that senior officers quarters have power, but houses of junior officers are still disconnected.


“We have been using candles and korobois (tin lamps) for lighting. You can imagine what our families and kids go through every evening,” an officer who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals said.

Other parts of the prison without power include the perimeter fence apart from the main gate.

“If the fence does not have adequate lighting, how can we deter a prison break or invasion if it was to happen?” posed the officer.

This revelations will not go well with the country’s correctional services bosses especially after an attempted prison break at Kamiti Maximum Prison on Sunday night.

The escape attempt was thwarted by prison warders and is being investigated by police officers from Kasarani Police.