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Exclusive: Innovative machine that can unclog drainage systems amid floods havoc

As most parts of the country continue to experience the effects of the heavy rains, poor and clogged drainage systems have been largely blamed for submerging homes and rendering roads impassable.

A creative and innovative approach is needed to avert this threat.

Bainridge Construction Company, experts in construction, building and civil engineering, are leading the way in tackling drainage and irrigation challenges.

With a focus on resource management and infrastructure revitalisation, the company uses cutting-edge technology to combat problems such as heavy siltation in waterways.

“We have a technology – a machine – for clearing blocked drainage systems,” says Paul Karigi, founder and managing director.

Bainridge is at the forefront of implementing innovative solutions for farmers, including the use of Watermaster amphibious dredging equipment for effective desilting.

This technology, particularly when used in flood-prone regions, can help mitigate the effects of flooded rivers, roads and transport infrastructure more widely.

In Kenya and beyond, irrigation schemes face significant hurdles due to clogged water intakes caused by siltation.

Silt is fine sand, clay or other materials carried by flowing water and deposited as sediment, particularly in channels, canals, rivers or harbours.

The clogging of drainage systems in most cities, towns and urban areas is the biggest challenge during this flood season the country is experiencing.

According to Mr Karigi, the introduction of amphibious dredging equipment will help address the problem.

“If left unaddressed, the water flow will affect agriculture and vegetation,” he warns.
In the long run, the flooding Kenya is experiencing will affect food production.

Neglected maintenance of drainage systems exacerbates the problem, reducing the efficiency of infrastructure that is crucial to food production.

Inadequate maintenance of drainage systems exacerbates the problem, reducing the efficiency of infrastructure critical to food production.

The reliance on rain-fed agriculture, coupled with the effects of climate change, underlines the need for sustainable solutions.

“Bainridge is addressing these challenges by using advanced technology such as the Watermaster amphibious excavator. This equipment works where traditional machines cannot, efficiently removing sediment and vegetation from dams, ponds, canals and rivers,” explains Karigi.

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