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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Caroline Mutoko’s work-life balance

Caroline Mutoko, the well-known media personality, has revealed to Nairobi News the secret behind her successful and busy life – the importance of taking a break.

Mutoko, who is always on the go, values her personal time and ensures she has moments of reflection, peace, and quietness.

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Starting her day with a morning prayer and 10 minutes of stretches, Mutoko walks one of her children’s dogs to get her own 30 minutes of alone time.

“Every woman knows that the word mom is called atleast 120 times a day,” she explains, “This is why I need to have, without a doubt, 30-35 minutes to myself before the world can start screaming my name. My children have five dogs so I walk one dog a day,” she added.”

Mutoko also emphasizes the importance of a good night’s sleep, retiring to bed at precisely 9:30 pm.

“I am very regimental on weekdays about my time,” she says, “You know if you don’t control your time, it will control you. Time is not infinite.”

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Before bed, she ensures her children have completed their homework and everyone in the house is in bed by 8 pm, so she can have a peaceful evening.

“When I am attending a night function, I have to put my house in order. Everyone has to promise me that they will be in bed by 8pm. We pray and then everyone retires to bed.”

She also takes 20 minutes to organize and transfer her to-do list to her diary before retiring to bed.

“I put in place something that I want to read or listen to in the background and then I start looking at something I am interested in. But at 9.30 pm, I retire to bed. I don’t play with my sleep,” adds Mutoko.

Caroline Mutoko’s insight reminds us that there should be a resting time behind every successful and busy life.

So, take a moment to reflect, enjoy the peace and quiet time, and prioritize your sleep. As Mutoko says, “you don’t control your time. It will control you.”

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