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Exclusive: Inside the spellbinding relationship between Nameless and daughter, Tumiso

There is a quote that goes, “behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad.” This was what was deducible once singer David Mathenge alias Nameless began talking about the relationship with his eldest daughter, Tumiso.

Speaking to Nairobi News exclusively on September 28, we sought to know how he felt about the achievements his daughter was making.

At 16 years old she is already earning money from brand endorsements, modelling with the likes of supermodel Ajuma Nasenyana and running her own foundation to end period poverty and de-stigmatize menstruation around the country.

“I’ve learnt much about myself through my daughters, especially my firstborn who is a teenager now. I’ve seen a lot of my personality traits in her and learnt how she looks at life and faces challenges- we are very similar,” he said.

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“I feel she has added more purpose to my life. When I was younger my purpose was just to entertain people but now bringing up someone and raising them up – the pride of watching her come into her own, helping her through her mistakes- it’s kazi kubwa ya Mungu (it’s great responsibility from God). She inspires me to empower other kids too, not just my own children,” Nameless began.

He revealed that Tumiso was a natural-born critical thinker and does not take anything said to her at face value.

This is especially evident when he and his wife, singer Wahu, have to tackle tough life topics with her including sex, sexualities, drugs, careers and religion among others.

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“She looks at her parents, one is saved and one is not, and we are cooperating decently and we have to share the kids- she asks us for perspectives or makes her own decisions so we can’t force her to strictly follow what we say. We talk through things that are going on. That’s how we parent,” added Nameless.

Nameless further revealed that at some point, he even spoke to Tumiso about the possibility of him and his wife separating and what it would mean for the family.

“…even to the level of me and her mum separated, we talked about how she would feel. Just talking to let her know to be ready for anything and that is how you start preparing your child for adulthood.

I try letting them be independent thinkers too once in a while… She’s a critical thinker by birth and won’t just swallow things when you tell her,” Nameless went on.

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So close are Nameless and his daughters that they are allowed to chip in on the music projects their parents have in the works.

“Our kids give us perspective on projects their mother and I work on. They help us choreograph dances for our songs like Back It Up.

They also tell us to remove a certain part and move it elsewhere. I like it because they are part of the process and they see the results. It’s not easy but it’s doable.

During this time, they also see mum and I disagree and quickly work to resolve our differences; and they become secure that we still love each other and we still talk. We show them how to kosana (disagree) respectfully and how to make up,” concluded Nameless.

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