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Exclusive: Jacque Maribe replaces former friends who abandoned her

By Winnie Mabel September 7th, 2022 2 min read

Former prime-time television queen Jacque Maribe has been keeping a low social profile ever since her fall from grace in 2019.

She has been working on building up her YouTube page where she posts hard-hitting interviews with the who is who in Kenya.

It would also appear that her tight-knit circle of friends scattered as she no longer spams her social media accounts with photos of the ‘girl squad’ clique she used to be part of.

This clique had members including Kirigo Ngarua, Shix Kapienga, Terryanne Chebet and Monica Kiragu. All the ladies once worked at Royal Media Services where their friendship was founded. Kiragu still works there.

This was made more starkly evident when she went on social media on Tuesday, September 6, 2022, to thank her sister for holding her together and her family for standing by her.

“My sister, Carole Maribe, may you have the abundance of grace you have shown me while unwell. May I repay your kindness? Thank you. Mum wa panicking, dad of coming, all the friends who checked in,” Maribe wrote on Instagram.

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According to a source who spoke to Nairobi News, Maribe rarely hangs out with members of the defunct girl squad as she has a new set of friends that she goes out with.

“Of late she has also not been looking like herself, she has lost a lot of weight. Her family is now her support system,” added the source.

The high-flying journalist was at the peak of her career when it all came crashing down after being implicated in a murder her ex-boyfriend was accused of committing.

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Her mainstream media career ended in the process and was left out in the cold for years until she decided to go it solo on YouTube.

In a previous interview with True Love, Maribe equated the girl squad friendship to a house of cards that came crashing down once her troubles began.

“A lot of my ‘friends’ did not want to associate with me, people who I really thought I was very close to. Some, I heard did public statements. I did not see them, disassociating themselves from me.

These are people who we have been seen going on holiday with, you know, being told we are squad goals.

I will be very honest with you. I have like two female friends, to date, who stood by me from the beginning.

The rest of my friends are guys, but now you come to learn who your true circle is. I don’t want to say I lost many friends because they were not friends, I just gained true ones.” Said Maribe in 2020.

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