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Exclusive: Janet Mbugua – I’ve not touched alcohol since December 2021

Media personality Janet Mbugua has revealed that she has been alcohol-free since December 2021. Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Janet said that it is a decision she consciously made and that she has not regrets so far.

She said although her decision is not permanent, she decided to take a break because alcohol is not serving her right now.

“This is a decision I made in December 2021. I just said I will give it a break and it’s not necessarily forever. It’s not serving me anymore. Since then I have not had a drink,” Janet told Nairobi News.

She said she considers being sober for that long as a major millstone worth celebrating. The former TV news anchor also said she has not experienced any form of deprivation, saying she’s been fine.

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“I mean, the difference is neither here nor there. I just feel like it’s not something I need to do now. And I say it’s not a big deal. I don’t wake up thinking about it all the time.”

Although Janet still goes out with friends, who love having social drinks, she says she has learnt to restrain herself.

“Every time my friends and family members drink, I constrain myself. And I go out with them and I still have a good time,” she said, adding that the decision is serving her for a season whose detail she didn’t delve into.

“As long as it’s still serving me, I lean on it. One day I might go back or one day I might not go back. So right now that’s what it is,” she said.

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During the interview, Janet looked younger and lovely, a sure sign that she is enjoying her ‘behind the scene’ life.

Janet’s background in media and communications over the last 17 years has allowed her to engage with communities, students, brands, government and policy makers, in taking a multi-sectoral and inclusive approach in advocating for gender equality rights and equity for all.

She is also the founder of Inua Dada Foundation that fights for the realization of the rights of the girl child by equipping them with tools for financial literacy and freedom, upholding their dignity, and reinforcing their community empowerment.

Janet has also authored a book titled My First Time that addresses hurdles young girls face in dealing with the stigma surrounding their menses and how they can overcome the stigma.

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