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Exclusive: Jaymo Ule Msee: Why we kept our pregnancy secret

Content creator Jaymo Ule Msee says the arrival of his daughter is a great blessing to their family.

Jaymo told Nairobi News that couples should get babies according to their plans and not because of pressure from anyone.

“Babies are blessings and all couples should plan their family in their own way and not what fans want them to do,” he said.

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Asked why he prefers keeping the pregnancy news private until childbirth, Jaymo said, “I am not about hiding a pregnancy or showing it to the public. We just love our lives like that and to let things flow.”

Jaymo married his longtime girlfriend Catherine Wakio Munene, better known as Catey Fortune, in September 2021.

They held their wedding ceremony at an undisclosed location, and CAS shared the news of their wedding in the Ministry of ICT and Digital Economy, Dennis Itumbi.

He welcomed a son in March 2022. He said parenthood had given him a reason to have a laser focus on his purpose on earth.

“We have a girl and we will continue building our family and our goal to achieve our dreams.”

The comedian also reminded men of the importance of holding a ‘sperm shower’, a male version of a baby shower, to celebrate men who are about to be fathers.

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He said the party is very important so that men can be encouraged to be responsible fathers to their children.

“It is a good thing to speak about how to be fathers and learn from men who became fathers before some of us,” he said.

Previously, Jaymo said such moments should be encouraged to give men private time to discuss their issues.

“We should have such meetings regularly,” he said. “Women always celebrate with baby showers and it is time men also be celebrated as they are the ones who toil during intimacy.”

Jaymo said he has friends and mentors who have children already.

He met his wife when she was dating another man.

She was a colleague at Jaymo’s place of work, but their friendship grew to a romantic level.

“I even used to drop her at her boyfriend’s place when we leave the shoot together with the team, we would drop her where she was going, she was a good friend of mine and she knew who I was because I was not pretending,” Jaymo said.

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