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Exclusive: Journalist in viral President Ruto video speaks

By Winnie Mabel September 16th, 2022 3 min read

Stage Presence Media (SPM) Buzz reporter Miss Kithinji has been trending for days since President William Ruto recognized and greeted her during his swearing-in ceremony held at the Moi International Sports Center- Kasarani Stadium on September 13, 2022.

In a viral video clip, Miss Kithinji walked alongside President Ruto’s motorcade as it made its round around the stadium and it was at this point that the President recognized Miss Kithinji and intentionally greeted her.

Watch the viral Tiktok video below:


What a moment! #inauguration2022 #spmbuzzke @spmbuzzke

♬ Fly – Nicki Minaj

Speaking to Nairobi News on Friday, September 16, 2022, Miss Kithinji said she faltered for a second as she did her outro because she wasn’t sure that it had been her that the President had greeted.

“We prepared for days in advance for the swearing-in ceremony, on how we will cover the event. Being an online media house, content is posted in real-time so we all have to be in coordination with each other.

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Media personality Miss Kithinji
Media personality Miss Kithinji

Call time to the stadium for journalists was 4 am. I slept for only two hours being a late-night sleeper. The entire stadium was my workplace on that day.

I was on the lookout for anything that could pass for news and entertainment,” said Miss Kithinji.

She went on to reveal that as the swearing event began winding down, prepared to do their outro- the presentation of the conclusion to their event coverage- and especially wanted to capture President Ruto in his special armoured vehicle.

“It was time to do the SPM Buzz outro since the event was done, so we looked for a strategic background to shoot and the president in his special vehicle appeared perfect.

On finishing my narration, I turned just to watch the motorcade and that’s when he raised a thumbs up and I waved back. Totally an unexpected moment!”

Miss Kithinji added, “Honestly, it didn’t hit me at the time because I was even unsure it was me that he waved at. It was my colleague that assured me that he did.”

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“I later watched the video on getting back in the office and confirmed it was true.

“I appreciated that priceless moment I knew it was such a great thing however I did not expect it to go viral at all, especially not with this kind of magnitude across countries.

I must admit it was overwhelming but in a good way.” added an elated Miss Kithinji.

Media personality Miss Kithinji
Media personality Miss Kithinji

Following this unexpected moment, Miss Kithinji further revealed to Nairobi News that her brand as a journalist and SPM as a media outfit have changed because they are getting more recognition and visibility she believes would have taken them a while to achieve.

“It’s been two days of so much love from many people across the globe and I am really hopeful and looking forward to even more opportunities that this moment is going to bring in my life. Did I that mention I am ready for it?! Oh yes I am!”

On the matter of being a trending media personality, she noted, “I feel absolutely overwhelmed. As I mentioned it was very unexpected that I would trend like that. I was not prepared to trend.”

“We have put in a lot of effort on SPM Buzz as an online media over the past two years and getting mentions from very prominent and influential people, strangers showing love across the globe, finally felt like indeed our work has been appreciated. Thanks to that priceless moment from the 5th president of Kenya,” Miss Kithinji explained.

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Media personality Miss Kithinji
Media personality Miss Kithinji

As is with every meteoric rise, there will always be detractors and Miss Kithinji isn’t exceptional to them.

She said she saw commenters saying she and the President had met before and that’s why he especially recognized her.

Miss Kithinji, however, said that it was the first time she had been that close to the President and it had been at the inauguration event that she had been in a shared space with him.

Asked whether she would relish an opportunity to interview the President, she quickly said she was ready and waiting.

“Believe me, I have questions ready and I cannot wait for that opportunity to make those questions public. They will love that interview,” concluded Miss Kithinji.

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