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Exclusive: Kambua about her children’s names and why she doesn’t chase clout

Renowned Kenyan gospel singer Kambua has offered insights into the significance of the names she chooses for her children.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the proud mother of three revealed that her husband, Pastor Jackson Mathu, takes the lead in choosing meaningful names for their children.

She said the names Nathaniel (Gift of God)  and Malakai (a messenger of God) were chosen deliberately.

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As for their daughter, Natalie, Kambua explained that they simply adored the name and chose it to complement Nathaniel while ensuring it was suitable for a girl.

“I trust my husband in naming our children,” she added with a smile.

Kambua also spoke about her commitment to nurturing her children’s musical talents, saying she hopes her children will excel in music beyond her own achievements.

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“All my children are very musical. I want to nurture their musical talents. I want them to learn instruments. I want them to learn to sing, I want them to express themselves in the way they feel best because I have noticed how much they gravitate to music. So I want to nurture that. I am confident that my children will be far better musicians than I am,” Kambua said.

About her legacy, Kambua articulated her desire to be remembered as a source of inspiration and hope for others.

“I want people to say that they got a reason to live because Kambua lived. I got a reason to pursue my dreams and even a reason to rise up again because Kambua lived. I feel like my ministry is close to women’s hearts. I want girls to know that they can be absolutely anything they want to be without any limitation,” she said.

Kambua also said she is fully committed to offering hope and encouragement to others through her songs.

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“It’s about helping people know that no matter how closely you interact with death or with grief, there is life beyond it. You go through it, you feel the pain of loss, but then you also get up and keep moving forward,” she said.

Kambua also explained why she avoids online drama and engaging in controversies for the sake of popularity.

“I don’t believe in clout chasing. I stay way from anything that looks like drama, because I do not want my message to be lost in the theatrics,” she affirmed.