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Exclusive: Karen Nyamu speaks on Samidoh’s intentions to join politics

Nominated Senator Karen Njeri Nyamu shed light on the political aspirations of popular artist Samidoh, denying any involvement in encouraging him to venture into politics.

Addressing speculations surrounding her influence on Samidoh’s potential political career, Nyamu told Nairobi News, “Samidoh is already a leader; he is a born leader, and it is up to him to make that decision at the right time. You cannot be a leader because someone else is a leader. That is something inborn, and I have seen it in him. It is up to him to decide when he will become what he wants.”

She downplayed any role she might have played in introducing him to politics, stating, “He had been in contact with [politicians] even before we met.”

Nyamu highlighted Samidoh’s intelligence and versatility, expressing her belief in his potential across various fields.

“He is book-smart and has potential in so many things. He is talented, and it is just helping him to bring them out. It’s a mere coincidence that he crossed paths with someone like me, who shares a similar professional background,” Nyamu added.

Nyamu spoke about the star’s self-motivation and determination.

“He consistently motivates himself, and I can’t take credit for introducing him to any politician.”

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Addressing their personal relationship, Nyamu expressed her admiration for Samidoh’s diverse musical talents, especially his inclusion of gospel elements.

As an avid consumer of his music, Nyamu alluded to the possibility that some compositions might be inspired by their relationship.

“When the time is right, he can choose to include my name, ‘Njeri,’ in his songs. That is when he is comfortable. I don’t mind.”

Nyamu concluded by sharing her perspective on artists immortalising their loved ones in their creative works.

“When an artiste loves you, they immortalise you, and it is not a must for them to mention your name, but there is a song he sang for me, or maybe I inspired him to sing for me.”

Samidoh is co-parenting two children alongside Karen Nyamu, and he is also a father to three children from his first marriage to Edday Nderitu.