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Exclusive: KRG The Don on joining politics and source of his wealth

Renowned for his controversial presence in the Dancehall scene, KRG The Don, celebrated for his opulent lifestyle showcased on social media, opens up about his plans for 2024, wearing the dual hats of an artiste and a devoted single father. 

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, KRG disclosed his future plans to enter the political arena.

Reflecting on the origins of his substantial wealth and fame, he attributes them to his affluent family background.

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Acknowledging the diversity of opinions, KRG states:

“You can’t please everyone or control people’s thoughts. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Those who harbor negative thoughts about others are selfish, wondering what has led to their success.”

Highlighting his privileged financial background, KRG shares:

“I come from a financially stable family and have inherited considerable wealth, which I’ve responsibly managed and expanded. While some may perceive it as showing off, it’s simply my lifestyle.”

When questioned about potential political aspirations, KRG responds:

“If, in the future, my aspirations align and my family supports it, I wouldn’t rule out a venture into politics. Recognized as a born leader, those close to me have expressed their desire for me to enter politics. However, the timing isn’t right for that step just yet.”

Reflecting on 2023, KRG acknowledges its mix of successes and challenges, especially in business. Balancing responsibilities, from music to parenthood, presented a steep learning curve.

As he enters 2024, KRG aims to apply lessons learned, emphasizing the need for a more assertive career approach and attentiveness to various life aspects.

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The artist realized unintentional neglect of loved ones, prompting a commitment to shield family from the public eye. After discerning insincere connections, KRG prioritizes protecting genuine relationships.

“Juggling the responsibilities of managing a young family on my own was challenging to strike a balance amidst my commitments to music, business, brand management, and parenthood.  The year presented a steep learning curve, forcing me to grapple with these adjustments.  As I step into 2024, I aim to apply the valuable lessons picked from these experiences,” he said.

“I will be spending more time with my family this year.”

Expressing a preference for money over fame, KRG sees financial power as a solution to challenges.

While fame can bring opportunities, he highlights the interconnectedness of money and influence, which can open doors beyond mere wealth.

“I would opt for money any day, although fame does have its merits.  While fame can pave the way for more financial opportunities, money, in itself, holds the power to address numerous challenges. Interestingly, you can even utilize money to acquire fame.  The connection between the two lies in their ability to distance you from various life difficulties,” he said.

Regarding education, KRG attributes success to talent rather than books.

Despite dropping out of Information Technology, he plans to return to school, aspiring to make his father proud and studying business management.

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On friendship with Jamaican artist Konshens, KRG recounts their social media connection in 2017, evolving into a business partnership in 2019 due to shared interests in Dancehall music.

Their collaboration on “Time Bomb” celebrates good vibes and industry trends.

“My relationship with Konshens way back via social media in 2017 before he visited Kenya in 2019 and from there we started talking business and thinking about what project we could do together.  Sharing a commonality in our genre, Dancehall music, made our partnership organic. The synergy between us naturally led to the creation of this new song.”

Acknowledging not being everyone’s role model, KRG encourages individuals to draw inspiration from him and shine in their own ways.

“I am not many people’s favourite role model but it also depends on what you want to pick from KRG.  Some underestimate my capability but I would say, if I inspire you, take whatever you want and go shine with it,” he said.