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EXCLUSIVE: Michelle Ntalami’s sacrifices towards career success

With her unwavering determination and entrepreneurial spirit, Michelle Ntalami, the Chief Executive of Marini Naturals, is a shining epitome of what it takes to succeed in today’s competitive business landscape. 

As a beacon of hope and inspiration to countless young women, Ntalami’s journey to success is nothing short of a monument to the power of dedication, ambition, and hard work that leads to triumph.

Despite the challenges she has faced as a woman in the business world, Ntalami has remained resolute in her pursuit of excellence, demonstrating that anything is possible with the right mindset and a willingness to persevere. 

Nonetheless, no success can be achieved if there are no sacrifices to be made along the way. Speaking to Nairobi News, the entrepreneur opened up on some of the sacrifices she has had to make in her career in order to be successful.

“There are times I’ve fallen on and off from my fitness journey, but I’ve always strived to get back on,” said Ntalami. 

She recently celebrated 13 years of her fitness journey crediting her effort and resilience, all while acknowledging the challenges she has faced while trying to keep on track with her workouts. 

“It’s been 13 years of incorporating fitness and healthy living into my life. 13 years guys! Though several times of course I’ve gone on and off, I always get right back on track,” read her post on social media. 

During the interview with Nairobi News, she also shared that she somewhat had to sideline her social life as she was greatly determined to give her time only to social interactions that brought her growth and fulfillment.   

“My social life had to take a backseat as I realized a few years back it wasn’t adding as much value. What I mean is hanging out aimlessly in social spaces with friends, without any real value. If we are talking about real love, self-improvement, goals, business, and wealth-building, count me in,” she remarked. 

Being the CEO of an award-winning business empire, Ntalami has found herself in situations where she was overwhelmed by the work at hand, and sometimes plans are bound to fail. So what keeps her going even when things are topsy-turvy?

“When you realize that everything placed on your path is for the greater good, you don’t panic when the bad times come around. On top of that, no matter what life throws my way, I am always one to take back my Power,” she responded.

The Instagram influencer added that when she needs to unwind she hits the gym, and for the sake of her general well-being, she has learned to be selective with the people and energy she welcomes in her personal space.

“I go to the gym to get my mental, physical, and emotional state right. This always leaves me feeling both unplugged and energized. I take walks or meet with my closest friends, usually one on ones or twos, and share deep, meaningful conversations. Socially, you won’t just find me anywhere anymore. I’m less accessible and available. I’ve learned to build a home within myself, as I have found that I am my own safe space,” Ntalami said. 

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