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Exclusive: Millions Vera Sidika is set to mint from Season 2 of RHON

Fans of the reality television series The Real Housewives of Nairobi can rejoice as the production of its much-anticipated second season is now in progress.

This exciting news comes five months after the first season’s conclusion in May.

While the second season was initially slated to commence around July, production delays were experienced, with one of the key reasons being the departure of several original crew members, particularly directors and a few cameramen.

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Insiders have revealed to Nairobi News that the filming officially commenced last week, with cast members shooting their respective segments.

Sonal, one of the show’s stars, was among the first to shoot her outro for the season.

Sonal will not be in season 2, together with two other casts.

Actress Minne Kariuki, Dr Catherine Masitsa, and socialite Vera Sidika have all signed new contracts for the popular reality show season two.

The absence of Minne at the Pulse Live Influencer of the Year Awards was attributed to her commitments on the set of The Real Housewives of Nairobi.

Similarly, Vera is away but has already signed the contract to participate in the season.

Due to logistical challenges, the production team has decided to work with readily available cast members.

Adding further insights, an undisclosed source emphasized the complexity of recruiting new housewives for the show.

Several celebrities who met the eligibility criteria were reportedly hesitant to participate, largely due to concerns about the show’s terms and payment structure.

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The source stated: “Most individuals expressing interest are wealthy and are willing to pursue fame, as the compensation provided to the cast members hardly covers their expenses. In fact, most of the ‘Real Housewives of Nairobi’ contributors finance their activities from their own pockets.”

Elaborating on the demanding shooting schedule, the source explained:

“The cast members shoot for approximately five months, working from early morning until late at night, and they must also make appearances at various events. This schedule can be highly demanding, and the compensation has been reported to be around Sh 400k per month.”

As for the terms and conditions attached to participating in the show, the source shared insights.

“For an entire year, the cast members are bound by clauses that prohibit them from conducting interviews or engaging in other media-related work, even if they have their own businesses or other employment opportunities. In the upcoming second season, the cast members are expected to receive compensation of approximately Sh2.3 million.”

Moreover, the source noted the imposition of stricter rules regarding social media, press interactions, and cast members’ ability to engage in any form of media work, such as hosting radio or television shows.

All online content is now required to gain approval from Mnet, which also holds perpetual rights to the cast members’ stories.

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