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EXCLUSIVE: Muthoni Mukiri shares biggest fear in marriage

Media personality Muthoni Mukiri has shared her insights on the factors contributing to celebrity breakups and revealed her own greatest fear when it comes to marriage.

The former Inooro TV presenter, now a mother of one, acknowledged that many high-profile relationships often face challenges, but she firmly believes that marriages can indeed work.

Muthoni Mukiri emphasized that one of the most significant concerns in relationships, particularly for celebrities, is the fear of losing one’s identity.

She explained, “I think those people who have broken up are those people we know, they are famous in our eyes, but marriages can work. I think it is a representation of what is happening everywhere.”

The media personality went on to highlight a common issue faced by individuals in the public eye when they enter a relationship with someone who may not fully understand or support their creative or career endeavors.

“Sometimes, when you are a celebrity and you have your own life and you meet another person who has their own life, it can be a problem if you have a partner who doesn’t let you be, especially if you are a creator,” Muthoni Mukiri noted.

The issue of control and insecurity within a relationship, particularly when it affects one’s creative freedom, can lead to complications in celebrity unions.

“You can get someone who wants to control that space, and they are insecure with you. It can be a problem,” she explained.

For Muthoni Mukiri, maintaining her sense of self and her individuality is paramount.

“You don’t want to lose yourself because of marriage. That is also my greatest fear: losing myself for anything.”

Discussing the valuable lessons she has learned from her marriage, Muthoni emphasized the significance of respecting someone’s viewpoint, even when there is a difference of opinion.

“Having lived independently for nearly a decade, adapting to a more collaborative approach and making joint decisions presented its challenges. Nonetheless, I have come to understand the importance of letting go and embracing a more relaxed perspective.”

Muthoni will be celebrating her second marriage anniversary on November 20.

She will be launching her book “Becoming The Woman,” scheduled for Thursday, November 2nd, at the Sankara Hotel.

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