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Exclusive: Mwalimu Rachel: Why I regret investing millions in Malindi holiday home

When you got money, people say you can pick things that keep you smiling for life.

But sometimes, those choices can leave you scratching your head, wondering what went wrong.

Take the case of media personality, Rachel Muthoni alias Mwalimu Rachel. She’s got a tale to tell, and it’s not a happy one.

The former NRG presenter said she went and bought herself a fancy holiday home down in Malindi, thinking it’d be a sweet deal.

Turns out, it’s anything but. Now, she’s filled with regret over dropping all those millions on it.

“I’m kicking myself over that holiday home in Malindi. No second guesses there,” she spilled in an interview with Nairobi News.

“It stings knowing how much cash I threw away on it.”

The house itself? Gorgeous, she admits.

But that’s about the only good thing she’s got to say about it. She didn’t do her homework, just listened to someone else’s advice and went for it.

Now, she’s stuck with a giant house that she’s only spent two nights in.

“It’s a massive place, and I’ve barely used it. I’m seriously thinking of selling it off,” she confessed.

“Just thinking about it makes me feel sick. All that money tied up in something I hardly use.”

When asked where the money came from, she said it was from gigs she did back in 2018-2019, cobbling it all together for what she thought was a smart move.

“I had a lot of money I think but that money is sleeping somewhere. It was from several gigs and I put together the money around 2018- 2019,” she said.

Mwalimu Racheal’s story is a reminder that having money doesn’t mean you’re immune to bad choices.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things like doing your research that can save you from a world of regret.

Let’s hope her story serves as a lesson to others looking to make big buys without thinking twice.