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Exclusive: Nazizi files for divorce

One of Kenya’s most popular rappers Nazizi, also known as The First Lady has filed for divorce from her husband of five years.

Nazizi, who spoke exclusively to Chillax on Tuesday, confirmed that she had been separated from her husband for one year now and is finalising the divorce. 

“I cannot divulge any more information on it, but I can confirm to you that the marriage is over,” said Nazizi.

The husband, only known as Vinny, is now in his homeland Tanzania.

Nazizi, a member of the group Necessary Noize, got married to Vinny in Nairobi before moving to Lamu in 2011.

They have a son.

Nazizi and her son have since relocated to Nairobi.

“It was hard to live in Lamu; I needed to come back to Nairobi where the rest of my family members are,” Nazizi said.

She has custody of the boy but said that the father sees him quite often.

“We are still talking because of our son, but our marriage is  over,” she explained.

Before leaving for Lamu,  the two had a low-key wedding at Jamia Mosque on Banda street, Nairobi.

It is not clear why they re-located from a posh home in Nairobi’s Nyari estate to Lamu in late 2010.