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Exclusive: Media personality Trevor Ombija finds love two years after heartbreak

News anchor Trevor Ombija has found love again two years after sharing his heartbreaking story of being dumped by a woman he had been in a relationship with for a decade.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Trevor revealed that he now has a wife and a three-month-old son, bringing immense joy and fulfillment to his life.

Reflecting on his past heartbreak, Trevor emphasized the importance of keeping certain aspects of his personal life private, considering the scrutiny and opinions that come with being in the public eye.

He acknowledged the questions raised about his previous relationship and his seemingly quick turnaround, but clarified that healing and moving forward are natural processes in life.

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Trevor also expressed gratitude for being given a second chance at love.

“Love gave me a second chance. I am already 36 years old. I don’t want to be single any longer. They did not look for an opportunity. I met her way after the interview, but I knew her. Sometimes good things are close to us, but we don’t see,” Trevor explained.

He said the comments people made about him being single were based on outdated information and that he was ready to embrace a new chapter in his life.

“It is very important to keep some things under cover since everyone has something to say. To those asking, ‘You said you are single, how have you moved on that fast?’ First of all, that was two years ago, and so that is not the point since, at some point, as human beings, we definitely heal, and life has to move on,” Trevor explained.

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In 2021, Trevor openly discussed his past relationship, which had lasted for a decade. He shared his experience of going through a breakup, followed by a reunion, only to be left heartbroken once again.

“I am from a relationship that lasted 10 years. It is one of those relationships that were over, then they are back again,” Trevor said back then.

During his conversation with Nairobi News, Trevor spoke about the hurt and misunderstanding he experienced following the public scrutiny of his personal life.

As a public figure, he felt that his story had been distorted and turned into a spectacle, causing him emotional pain and a sense of being misunderstood. Consequently, he chose not to address the matter further.

“I felt broken and misunderstood. It was a painful thing for me and people were laughing. People were making fun out of it. That is why I never addressed anything else after that,” he said.

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