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Exclusive: News anchor Trevor Ombija reflects on his first Father’s Day

Citizen TV journalist Trevor Ombija recently shared his profound excitement as he celebrated his first Father’s Day.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the doting father expressed the intensity of his emotions and the depth of his reflections on this significant milestone. Trevor described his Father’s Day experience as a deeply introspective and heartfelt journey.

Spending the day at home with his three-month-old son, he found himself contemplating the responsibilities and joys of fatherhood, trying to envision the type of father he aspires to be.

“It was intense, and I was just in the house throughout, looking at him and wondering what type of father I would be since he is three months old and just starting to imitate sounds,” Trevor reflected.

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“It is like having a little heart outside of you, and you keep wondering how you will teach them to be a kind and good person. How to treat everyone else the way they would want to be treated, while also ensuring they are not taken advantage of. It was a day filled with questions and concern.”

The new father expressed his deep-seated desire to ensure his son’s happiness and nurture him into a well-rounded individual.

Trevor’s newfound experience of fatherhood has brought about a profound respect for parents and the constant worries and responsibilities that come with raising a child.

“I have a newfound respect for parents, as I think their job is to worry. I could see a bright future,” Trevor added, acknowledging the weight of the parental role and the commitment it demands.

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Trevor announced the arrival of his bundle of joy, sharing a touching photo of his son holding his hand. Accompanying the adorable snapshot, Trevor captioned the photo with a lighthearted yet tender message.

He humorously noted how his son, Trevor Jr, seemed to be trying to communicate something to him using baby hand signals. Although he admitted that he didn’t fully understand “Baby” language, he felt the deep love and connection conveyed through the gesture.

“I think Trevor Jr. was trying to tell me something on #Fathersday but I don’t speak “Baby” too well, so he resorted to hand signals. There’s no kind of love like a parent’s love, this I can say without fear of contradiction.”

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