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Exclusive: Nick Ndeda on why it didn’t work out with Betty Kyallo

Bearded hunk Nick Ndeda has shared the reasons why his romantic affair with ex-girlfriend, Betty Kyallo did not stand the test of time.

The city lawyer says in as much as the publicity surrounding the affair did not entirely contribute to its downfall, it did not help in making it any easier to deal with the turmoil they later experienced.

“I don’t think publicity had much to do with it, but it certainly didn’t help. I think when relationships are in a premature stage you need a lot of privacy just to figure each other out, but when you’re pushed into the limelight at such an early stage then it becomes almost obligatory to become someone, to look someway,” said Ndeda.

The celebrated lawmaker further suggests his relationship with the ex-TV girl would have survived had it been given a chance to bloom privately for a while.

“We never used to have those things in private, but now when our relationship got out we had to be this couple that everyone was looking at on social media. If we had been allowed another 3 or 4 months just to settle into it I’m sure we would have had a better foundation for the relationship,” he said.

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Ndeda divulged that the posts shared to the public by blogger Edgar Obare put him and Betty in a position they were not ready for, and certainly not the space they wanted to be in.

“We never wanted that publicity, and I personally didn’t want it at all but it was imposed on us thanks to Edgar Obare’s posts. I was perfectly happy dating her undercover and my tight circle knew, which I was perfectly okay with until everything was put out there,” 

He added;

“Whoever took a photo of me and Betty and sent it to Edgar Obare ruined everything because we had a good thing going. I don’t blame Edgar Obare because that’s what he does, that’s his thing and I know everyone has a hustle.”

Betty Kyallo confirmed her break up with Ndeda in early 2022 saying it was not a big deal as some relationships are not meant to work out.

She further suggested at keeping her heart open to love while focusing on building her own empire and taking care of her daughter Ivanna. 

Despite the break-up, Ndeda heaped praises on Kyallo describing her as a good person and that social media doesn’t do her justice in showing how amazing she is.

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“Betty is a really good person. What you see on socials, is like 10 percent of who she is. I am not starstruck by people. I have suffered through life so I am not fazed by anyone or anything. I fell in love with Betty for who she is and not her societal status,” he said.

He went on to confess that he misses certain things about her.

“I miss certain things about her, I won’t lie. She is a good person. Good energy and all.”

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