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Exclusive: Njugush – I slept in my first car for two days

Kenyan comedian Timothy Kimani, popularly known as Njugush, has shared a fascinating anecdote about the first car that he owned, capturing his long journey to success.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, Njugush, known for his wit and humor, recounted the memorable experience of purchasing his first car around 2015.

The car in question was a blue Nissan Tiida model 2010, which he says held a special place in his heart.

Describing the unique bond he developed with his first vehicle, Njugush humorously likened it to a first girlfriend.

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Njugush revealed that due to excitement, he even spent two consecutive nights in his new car.

“You know your first car is like your first girlfriend. Due to excitement, I slept in the car for two consecutive nights,” Njugush recalled.

This unexpected sleeping arrangement, driven by pure elation, exemplifies the deep connection Njugush felt towards his newfound source of freedom and independence.

It speaks volumes about his humble beginnings and the value he placed on achieving the significant milestone.

Despite the passage of time, Njugush continues to cherish the sentimental value of his first car.

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It serves as a reminder of the determination and hard work that propelled him to where he is today. The blue Nissan Tiida stands as a symbol of his perseverance and the rewarding fruits of his labour.

Njugush’s story resonates with many individuals who have risen to success from humble beginnings. It serves as an inspiration, showcasing the relatable emotions and milestones encountered along the way.

Njugush’s story reminds us that even amidst achievement and recognition, the memories and sentimental attachments to our humble beginnings remain invaluable.

Beyond the realm of comedy, Njugush’s tale encapsulates the essence of human triumph, resilience and the unwavering appreciation for the stepping stones that shape our lives.

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