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EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s security cars arrived a fortnight ago

President Barack Obama’s security motorcade arrived in Nairobi two weeks ago, a senior police officer has disclosed to Nairobi News.

The motorcade includes President Obama’s Cadillac Limousine, code named as the Beast, and a fleet of at least 30 security  cars.

The motorcade arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) aboard United States military cargo planes.

The police source also dismissed as laughable the photos doing rounds on social media that show the alleged arrival of President Obama’s security cars.

The photos on social media being touted as part of President Obama's fleet. Police have dismissed the photos as fake.
One of the photos on social media being touted as part of President Obama’s official motorcade. Police have dismissed the photos as fake. PHOTO | COURTESY

He said President Obama’s motorcade can not be easily accessible to airport personnel as portrayed in the pictures on social media.

The source added that the whereabouts of the vehicles is not even known to the Kenyan police.

The vehicles have been subjected to all manner of security and mechanical tests in the last two weeks , according to the source. These include maneuverability tests through Nairobi’s slender highways.

The tests have mostly been conducted at night using models of Nairobi’s roads.

The  Beast is known for poor maneuverability, particularly when deployed to countries whose road proportions are smaller to those in the United States.