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Exclusive: Octopizzo acquired one acre of land for his 15 pets

Renowned rapper Octopizzo has shed light on the unique way he spends his free time.

The father of four has revealed a deep passion for animals and community empowerment in a recent interview with Nairobi News.

Octopizzo said he finds solace and joy in the company of his furry family, consisting of 13 dogs and 2 cats.

“I love pets so much. I have 13 dogs and two cats. I also do farming and I keep livestock. My dream is to have a ranch before I reach 40 years old where my kids can visit as I introduce them to things that are not city life.

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I do things that make me imagine that my parents used to live a better life than us. Get time with your family back home.”

Describing himself as introverted and preferring the company of animals over people, he expressed his genuine love for pets, citing their sincerity and loyalty as reasons for his affection towards them.

“My kids enjoy that life when interacting with people. I am also very introverted and I don’t like people as much. I love Dogs because they are very genuine and they treat you the same way you treat them,” he explained.

Embracing his roots and upbringing, he emphasized the importance of reconnecting with family and heritage, urging others to prioritise familial bonds and rural experiences.

Octopizzo’s love for animals extends beyond mere companionship.

He actively rescues and adopts stray dogs from the streets of Kibera, providing them with shelter, care, and a loving home.

Naming each dog with Luo names and according to their behaviour, he ensures their well-being until they grow old, after which he takes them to his village for retirement and honours them with proper burials upon their passing.

“I keep them in my Nairobi home until they get old, then I take them to the village to retire where I have 1 acre of land for them to play. When they die, I also bury them in a proper way since they are part of our family.”

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Octopizzo also passionately advocates for community development through his foundation, challenging fellow musicians to leverage their platforms for social impact.

“This is not about having money, it is just being the medium for other people who want to help struggling families reach those people. The role of my foundation is to use art and sports for social impact. That is the place I grew up and as an artist, I have to ask myself, what am I doing to give back?” he said.

Through initiatives focused on education, women empowerment, and food programs, his foundation has positively impacted thousands of lives in counties across Kenya and even in Uganda.

For Octopizzo, his foundation represents his legacy.

“I do not want to be remembered for music. People make better music than I do but unless I empower my community, I will be forgotten,” he said.