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EXCLUSIVE: Patrick Obayi – How I built my fan base from my first TikTok video

Content creator cum TikToker Patrick Obayi better known by his stage name Mama Akoth has fondly recounted the first video he ever did on TikTok.

The thespian, whose fame grew thanks to him shading Kenyan women, says the first video was of a daughter who was informing her mother that she did not want to pursue her law degree but wants to get married.

In the video, the agitated mother in response asks the daughter to bring back the money they spent on her. Obayi says the video made out of fun brought some fans to his page which greatly encouraged him.

“There was a lot of reactions on the video which took me by surprise,” he said in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News.

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Encouraged by the warm reception from the fans, Obayi says finding a base of originality made him attract and grow his own fan base which has remained loyal to date.

“I am surrounded by very strong personalities, my mother and grandma, who single-handedly raised families. They always have a way to respond to you which sometimes you feel bad but it is who they are,” he said.

Obayi, who categorizes her mother as the mother of all responses, says since her father passed on, his family and relatives have been there for him but no one’s response equates to his mother’s.

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“There are times she could give you an answer and you are left wondering really? Did you have to? We used to call them (mom and grandma) pilipili.”

Having grown up in Mombasa Obayi and later graduating from Makerere University, Obayi says his mastery of the Luganda and Kiswahili have some in handy when doing his skits.

“Mingling with cultures from the two countries and having travelled to Tanzania enabled me to do videos comparing wives from the three countries. This was like my breaking-even time in TikTok. My fans now knew me from this kind of content,” he explains.

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