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SNAPPY 7: Phy – I had a crush on Nyashinski

At 23 years old, Maisha Superstar winner Phyllis Mwihaki Ng’etich, also known as Phy, has just began to blossom after she took a year off to concentrate on her music career.

She has released an album, Phylosophy, and her first single, Ruka, is enjoying good play on the airwaves. Another single on the way.

Phy took time from her schedule to visit Nairobi News and let us know what she has been up to and what the future holds.

Tell us about yourself – I have a shosho name Phyllis, I know please don’t judge. A female and I sing. I was born in Kaplong hospital so I grew up in the country side and I started living in Nairobi a few years ago.

I grew up in Sotik town, so this life of (sic) Nairobi is still new to me. I can milk a cow, I’m a milker.

When did your music journey start and how has the experience been since Maisha Superstar? – It all started when I was young, but I think the reason is that, my grandmother is also a singer and she has three albums out. Just look for Phyllis Mwihaki on River Road and you will know what I’m talking about.

When I was in class three I did the music festival which went all the way to the nationals and I think that’s where everything started from.

When I got to Nairobi I was a struggling musician with a band called Phy and the Band before Maisha picked me up.

I don’t think anything has changed because that struggle really shaped me. If you don’t have it and you just jump in to the limelight like that then you will have a hard time finding yourself.

Talk about your album Phylosophy. How has the reception been? Phylosphy is my first debut album and it was a joint production collaboration between Tim Rubui and Kaka Empire.

To me it is like my entire life is in there because they say your first album reflects your entire career as a musician because everything you have from birth is in there.

What’s your style? – I would like to call myself edgy because I like colours. I don’t like to look like anyone else out there. I wouldn’t like to look like anyone out there, I would prefer to be my own style. Head scuffs are my favorite and I have been stalking a few companies to see if we can do business together.

What is your most embarrassing moment? – One day when I was performing, one of my inner garments decided to show and I thought the audience was appreciating what I was doing but I later realized they were laughing at me.

Have you ever performed outside Kenya and who would you like to collaborate with, either locally or internationally? – I haven’t yet performed outside the country but I know there are plans under way for it to happen. I would love to do it and just see what is out there and may be try a few cuisines out there.

Locally Nyash is around and he should hit me up, he was my childhood crush back in the day.

Internationally, Lauren Hill, Pharell and Torry Kelly who we share the same back ground.

What advice would you give to upcoming musicians?- Find joy in what you do and beauty in what you do, and you will forever be grounded. Be curious if you have an art of it and try to learn from the greats. It is one thing to be born with the the talent and another thing to refine it.