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Exclusive: Prophet Kanyari speaks of reunion with Betty Bayo

Pastor and prophet Kanyari is worried about the number of single women hitting on him on his social media.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, the popular city preacher said he does not want to rush into another marriage yet.

“Girls are hitting me online, sending me naughty pictures and all sorts of things online. I do not want to promise that I will respond to them. I cannot just pick a woman on social media,” he said.

Most of the relationship advances he gets comes to his Facebook, WhatsApp and even Twitter.

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Prophet Victor Kanyari
Prophet Victor Kanyari

Some of the photos he gets are of women in their birthday suits but he says those are temptations.

“It all depends on how you react to such messages. Prostitution is all over the world. You patiently wait for God to give you the best woman.”

Kanyari said he is still looking for a dream woman after his previous marriage failed.

A few days ago, Kanyari had shared photos of him treating his children together with his ex-wife singer Betty Bayo to a sumptuous lunch date.

He told Nairobi News he had not seen his two children for two years.

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Prophet Victor Kanyari
Prophet Victor Kanyari

He described the date as “a reunion”.

Kanyari said he had been very busy but also, he was giving Betty Bayo’s new bae, Tash, a chance to build their family.

“I didn’t want to disturb her marriage. I do not want to get involved in people’s marriages. She was paid dowry for and so I have to ask for permission,” he said adding that he only used to see his kids on social media.

Betty Bayo broke up with Kanyari six years ago.  She held a dowry ceremony with her fiancé, Tash in December 2021.

The ‘Eleventh Hour’ hitmaker singer announced to her fans on Instagram by sharing a picture of a Porsche Cayenne branded ‘Bayo & Tash’ ruracio (traditional wedding) and captioned it, “How it started.”

The two had promised to walk down the aisle in 2022.

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♬ original sound – Mɪss~Hᴀᴘᴘʏ🦋🌹

Despite the two years of not meeting his children, Kanyari said he was still paying school fees.

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Prophet Victor Kanyari
Prophet Victor Kanyari

He pays over Ksh400,000 in school fees for his children per term.

“They had really missed me,” he said.

Speaking about co-parenting with his ex, Kanyari said for them, it is easy.

“I have moved on and I was not denied access but I was giving space to the new couple. As a pastor, my work is to wish people well in their marriages.”

Kanyari said he sometimes also helps in buying food and medicine for the kids if the need arises.

He praised her firstborn daughter who he said is taking after him in terms of being bold.

In other news, Pastor Kanyari announced that he is also planning to launch a media station for his church.

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