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EXCLUSIVE: Rapper Trio Mio joins government to nurture talent in prison

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 24th, 2023 2 min read

Renowned rapper Trio Mio has embarked on a new journey, one that involves working closely with the Kenyan government to nurture talent within the prison department. The talented artist has been selected as one of the musicians who will be contributing to this important initiative.

Trio Mio’s mother, who also serves as his manager, shared the exciting news with Nairobi News, emphasizing that the government recognized Trio’s significant influence among the youth and their potential to create positive change.

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“This is a partnership with President Ruto’s government. This is a good thing, especially having come from Umoja where some teenagers are involved in crime; he feels honored,” Trio’s manager stated.

The young rapper brings to the table an initiative called ‘Beauty in the Ashes,’ which aims to nurture talents and advocate for reform within the prison system. The program seeks to inspire inmates to realize their potential and understand that there is hope, even within the confines of a prison.

“We want to encourage them and make them understand that all is not lost, even in prisons. It’s all about nurturing talents in our prisons. We have talent within the prisons. Many offenders resort to a life of crime, unaware that they possess talents that can provide them with a livelihood, especially in the music and entertainment industry. We are here to ignite hope and trust that their talents can lead to a brighter future,” Trio Mio explained.

The Kenya Prisons Service has long been committed to improving its rehabilitative and reformative programs for inmates. Over the years, it has offered vocational training to empower those in its care. In a recent development, the service has expanded its training efforts to include talent searches, with dance being one of the most successful areas.

The initiative dubbed the “Grand Launch of Talent Search,” is poised to benefit greatly from the support of well-wishers. The Kenya Prisons Service is inviting individuals and organizations to get involved and participate in this noble endeavor, with an event scheduled for September 20, 2023.

In a call to action, the Kenya Prisons Service expressed gratitude for any contributions and participation, emphasizing that such support would significantly enhance their efforts to nurture talent and promote rehabilitation among inmates.