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EXCLUSIVE – Ringtone: Ilagosa’s family deserves the truth from gospel singers

By Beth Nyambura February 18th, 2023 2 min read

Gospel singer Ringtone has shared more details of how gospel singers contributed over Sh700,000 for the burial of the Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa’s but did not account for the money to his family.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, the self-proclaimed chairman of the gospel industry said he will soon organize a meeting with Ilagosa’s family so that those who were sent money can explain how it was spent.

However, Ringtone denied that he used the money to attend Ilagosa’s burial.

“I have not touched even a shilling. I had a group where I was mobilising people to contribute towards the construction of the house and after enough money was raised, I sent all of it to the family. I have evidence,” he said.

Ringtone said his WhatsApp group contributed Sh115,000 and the money was spent to build a house for Ilagosa where his body was kept overnight before the burial on Thursday.

“The other group was headed by Solomon Mkubwa and Annastacia Mukabwa and another person. They should shade light on how the money was spent,” Ringtone said adding that there was a misunderstanding during the burial where only Sh160,000 was mentioned.

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Ringtone further alleged that some gospel singers did not trust Ilagosa’s family with the money they had contributed.

“I told them to let the family mange the money since it was their son but they wanted to manage everything,” he said.

Before Ilagosa’s burial, his fellow musicians allegedly told the family to leave every plan to them since he was one of them.

This even after a video emerged of Ilagosa’s brother begging the gospel singers to involve the family in planning the burial.

The artistes had also promised to cement Ilagosa’s grave, which did not happen. They also built a mud house whose cost is now being questioned.

The house that was built for gospel singer Ilagosa Wa Ilagosa before his burial. PHOTO | COURTESY

Asked if it was true gospel singer did not go to the grave site, Ringtone said he was tired of walking and he could not be allowed to drive there yet it was some distance away.

“I am sorry that I did not manage but I have done my best in terms of supporting the family. I am among those who contributed the largest amount including paying for his mortuary fees,” he said.

Ringtone also alleged that Ilagosa’s family and gospel singers did not agree on several things.

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However, a brother of the Sara Zangu hitmaker has said the musician was not given a decent send-off.

“I was part of the committee that was planning his burial. We were told to give a quotation for his burial. Until now, we have not seen anything,” the brother said.

The brother also alleged that Ilagosa’s family had to intervene for his body to be transported in a hearse.

“His grave has been done kienyeji. Ilagosa was brought home like someone who had killed. His body was not respected. Our clan has been ashamed. We took a hearse and brought the body home.”

The brother further requested gospel singers to respect their traditions.

“According to Maragoli culture, Ilagosa was supposed to be given three cows, two to be slaughtered and one given to the uncle. The uncle is crying that he has not been given the cow. They have not slaughtered the cow. The gospel singers really disrespected my brother during the burial.”

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