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EXCLUSIVE: Size 8 speaks about desire to get another baby and regrets in life

Gospel singer-turned-preacher, Size 8, has shared her desire to have a third child. In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the mother of two said she wants to expand her family by welcoming another baby in the foreseeable future.

“For now, we will patiently wait upon the Lord’s timing. Currently, it’s not the right time, but perhaps in the coming years,” Size 8 said.

The artiste has faced near-death experiences four times during her pregnancies, tragically losing two of her babies before they could reach full term.

At the same time, the mother of two also revealed that she will be returning to the music industry soon.

“My husband, (DJ MO) is pressuring me to go back to music and so, soon I will be releasing a new soon,” she said.

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In the candid interview,  Size 8 also shared her profound regrets when it comes to her music career.

“I regret following the hype since it amounts to nothing, especially when confronted with real issues. And money, no matter how much, cannot save you.”

Drawing from her own unique life experiences, Size 8 acknowledged that not everyone has faced the same challenges she has endured. However, she emphasized that being alive is what truly matters to her.

“As long as I am alive, that is all I need,” she affirmed.

Respectfully refraining from passing judgment on those who embrace the hype, she acknowledged that they are simply enjoying that particular phase.

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Size 8 added that the journey towards authenticity demanded a significant transformation.

“I had to let go of seeking validation through the ‘like’ and ‘view’ button on social media,” she admitted.

The process was not an easy one, but as a devoted servant of God, she knew it was necessary to overcome that dependence.

Even when endorsed for a product, Size 8 no longer feels the urge to display the number of likes on her posts.

Despite her shift towards genuine expression, Size 8 said she is grateful for her loyal fan base that continues to support her without requiring any gimmicks.

“I still have loyal clients who do not need me to do all the shenanigans,” she said.

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