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Exclusive: Size 8 speaks about fake friends and why she went private

Gospel singer Size 8 has opened up about her decision to no longer showcase her lifestyle on social media.

During an interview with Nairobi News, the mother of two also spoke about insincere individuals in the industry who hide behind false facades.

With 11 years of experience in the limelight, the Mateke hitmaker said she had witnessed fake people in the industry.

“I have also come to realize that there are many counterfeit personalities within it. Currently, I am focused on living my authentic life,” Size 8 said.

“Not everyone is genuine. God has transformed my desires, and they are no longer aligned with the aspirations I had when I initially joined the industry.”

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Size 8, who was ordained as a pastor in 2021, emphasized that she is no longer chasing after the hype that once captivated her.

Her priorities have shifted, and she no longer feels the need to seek attention and validation through social media platforms.

“The more I impact people’s lives, the more God blesses me. There is a fame that has come with my ministry without me forcing it,” she said.

Size 8, who was previously a secular artiste, underwent a significant transformation in 2013 when she devoted her life to God and transitioned into the gospel music.

However, she acknowledges that her past continues to have an impact on her present life, as people frequently remind her of the worldly lifestyle she once lived.

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Size 8 also spoke about the effects of her past.

“The consequences of actions from a long time ago will always arise. Many individuals tend to judge you based on your past, but that no longer holds significance for me. I have already received forgiveness for my sins, and that is what truly matters.”

Size 8 addressed the expectations set by her fans regarding her appearance as a gospel minister, stating: “When delivering my sermons, there are moments when I feel pressured by my fans’ opinions, suggesting that I should refrain from wearing makeup.

“However, I have learned to ignore such expectations and remain true to myself. It’s impossible to please everyone. Some may criticize my choice of attire and claim that I am not dressed appropriately, but I have come to accept that not everyone will be satisfied with my appearance.”

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