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Exclusive: Stanley Omondi – I have no beef with Crazy Kennar

Popular Kenyan content creator Stanley Omondi has finally broken his silence about the rumours surrounding his split from his comedy partner, Crazy Kennar. 

After going solo for some time and leaving their fans to speculate about a possible feud, Omondi has clarified the situation in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News. He vehemently denied any conflict between him and Crazy Kennar.

Omondi addressed the misconceptions head-on, saying “Nothing happened between me and Kennar. Totally nothing.”

He explained that even during their time together, he always released his own videos alongside their collaborative skits. Omondi acknowledged that when working in a group, there is a risk of overshadowing one’s personal brand, leading to a decline in individual recognition.

“When Kennar posts, I also post, but then most traffic may go to Kennar,” he said.

To maintain his individuality and creative vision, Omondi decided to venture into separate content production. However, he made it clear that this move does not indicate a permanent departure from Crazy Kennar’s team.

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Omondi emphasized his continued association with the group, stating, “If he ever needed me for any project, he knows he can call on me.”

This reassurance underscored the fact that their professional relationship remains intact, despite their decision to pursue individual endeavors.

When discussing his current comedy style, Omondi revealed his preference for miming over verbal comedy.

“My kind of comedy is not talking, it’s miming,” he said.

Omondi highlighted his struggle with lengthy script paragraphs, expressing that he found it challenging to memorize extensive dialogue. This difference in comedic approach further contributed to the decision to produce content separately.

Omondi recognized that Crazy Kennar’s content often requires a balance of visual and audio elements, while his own comedic strengths lie in miming.

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Throughout the interview, Omondi’s passion for his craft and dedication to his personal brand were evident. He expressed his commitment to his current content creation by saying: “It’s me and my brand.”

This statement underlined his determination to establish himself as an individual content creator while maintaining a connection to the Crazy Kennar team.

Omondi has now, after months of speculation, provided his fans with a deeper understanding of his decision to pursue his own comedic path. By clarifying the rumors and dispelling the notion of a falling out, Omondi assured his followers that there is no bad blood between him and Crazy Kennar.

Instead, their decision to produce content separately was a strategic move to preserve their respective brands and explore their unique comedic styles.

As Omondi continues to carve out his own comedic niche, fans can look forward to fresh and exciting content from both him and Crazy Kennar. The duo’s collaboration may be on pause for now, but the possibility of future joint projects remains open.

In the meantime, Omondi’s dedication to his brand and his passion for miming comedy will undoubtedly captivate audiences, ensuring his continued success in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

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