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EXCLUSIVE: Tedd Josiah’s ex-wife tells her side of the story

Just days after legendary Kenyan music producer Tedd Josiah revealed why his first marriage collapsed, his estranged wife Cynthia Akoth has now told her side of the story.

In an interview with NTV’s Unscripted With Grace, Josiah recently revealed that he entered his first marriage because of pressure only to realise that he didn’t love his wife.


Josiah has never revealed the name of his first wife even in previous interviews, however Nairobi News was able to track her down for an exclusive interview.

Through a close friend who is authorised to speak on her behalf, the media-shy Akoth gave Nairobi News a detailed account of her troubled marriage to Josiah.

During the seven years or so of their relationship, the two were blessed with two children, now aged 16 and 14 years old. Both children will turn a year older in November.

“Josiah has never officially divorced Akoth to this date. They met in the 1990s and became friends. Later, they moved in together in 2001 before wedding in 2002,” our source said.

According to the source, the couple’s wedding was even featured on Samantha Bridal Show and they lived together until 2008 when Josiah relocated to the UK.


“I guess that’s when their marriage troubles began,” said the source, who claims that while in ‘exile’ Josiah completely lost touch with his wife and children whom he left behind at his family home in Runda.

“With Josiah in London, Abaja (Akoth) tried to save her marriage but her efforts didn’t bear fruits and she was forced to start life afresh with their two kids. She raised the children all alone and even moved them from private to public schools, because she couldn’t afford it,” the source went on.

Our source claims that Josiah returned home in 2011 with his new white girlfriend.

“When he returned home he would on some occasions pick his children from Abaja and stay with them and his girlfriend even for a week,” the source said.

Josiah would later relocate to Nigeria after landing a job in the West African country.


Upon his return to Kenya, he had a new girlfriend by the name Damilo Yusuf, a Nigerian with whom they were blessed with a daughter. But after a while they broke up and Damilo returned to Nigeria with the child.

“Abaja was shocked to hear Tedd lie on TV that he only has three children. He has a daughter in Nigeria as well. When they were dating, the Nigerian lady used to accompany him to Abaja’s place to pick his kids,” the source claims.

According to the source, Akoth has been struggling to co-parent with Josiah, in spite of the producer-turned-fashion designer’s efforts to maintain a close bond with their children.

Josiah is also said to have previously been engaged to a certain Keziah Wambugu back in September 2014 and at one point they were reportedly planning to wed.

It was after they broke up that Josiah met Regina Katar whom he married and had a child with. Regina died three years ago living behind a three-month-old daughter.