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EXCLUSIVE: TikTok dancer Tileh Pacbro’s wife Martina Glez on why she married young

Popular TikTok dancer Martina Glez, who is Kenyan dancer Tileh Pacbro’s wife has shared little-known details about her marriage to Tileh.

The Caucasian beauty divulged that her marriage came at a time she and her husband least expected but carried through with it due to demanding circumstances at the time. 

Glez revealed that it was when she got pregnant that she and Tileh decided to get hitched and settle down together.

“The baby was not planned, so when it came and I really wanted to go back to Spain and be with my family. So before we went back to Spain we decided to marry because that way Tileh could get more rights as a Kenyan going to Spain,” said Glez.

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She went on to reveal that were it not for her early pregnancy they would not have tied the knot so early, however, they do not regret doing so.

“So we got married then had the kid. We probably would not have married so soon if it was not for our son, but we are happy with the decision because it was for both of us and our son,” she said. 

Glez also said their relationship was serious and made of true love which is why she felt relieved that the pregnancy was with the Kenyan dancer.

“The good thing is that we were not dating just to pass time. We were already in love. Actually, when we found out I was pregnant I was so relieved it was with him. I have dated before and I would have died if it was with any of them, but with Tileh I was a shock, yes, but I was glad it was with him,” she said.

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Speaking about parenthood, Glez disclosed that the journey as young parents has been challenging but they have managed to pull through together as a couple. 

“Parenthood has not been easy, but with Tileh we have overcome the challenges we have encountered in our marriage and as parents. There’s a lot that happens which is normal but we have always found a way to deal with it all together,” she said. 

Martina Glez is a well-known Spanish dancer and social media influencer who has turned herself into a household name in Spain and Kenya.

She is best known for her excellent dancing skills with her husband Tileh Pacbro, and together they upload their dancing videos on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Glez currently commands a TikTok following of 744,500 followers. 

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