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Exclusive: TikTok makeup artist Tinashe Mwaniki on turning down movie role

TikToker Tinashe Mwaniki, renowned for her special effects makeup artistry, singing and dancing, has revealed that one of the biggest regrets in her life was turning down a movie role for her studies.

The 23-year-old exclusively told Nairobi News that currently, she had no regrets in her life or line of work but reminisced on a missed opportunity she said would have made her famous and a household name by now.

“I don’t have any regrets that are that deep because I feel like the one thing I’ve made myself do is, whatever decision I make or choice I take. It’s something that a few years from now I will be proud of. I wouldn’t have regrets of why I didn’t do something, answer a certain email or go for a certain opportunity. I just want to not stay in that space of ‘I wish I did’ because its not nice,” she said.

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She recounted an incident many years ago when she was passed an opportunity to be featured in a movie.

“I feel like the one time I regretted was probably when I was nine or 10 and I used to do advertisements on TV. I went for this interview and these guys were like ‘Oh, can you sing for us’ and I was like fine, so I sang. They really loved it because they were all dancing then they asked me ‘would you like to be in a movie?’ and I remember just pausing and I was like, would I want to be in a movie? I am nine and I was like ok, in a movie. Please tell me why I prioritized school over being in a movie! Like that’s the one thing I was just like ‘I don’t think so because right now I am in school’ I would have been a movie star!,” exclaimed Tinashe as she broke into fits of laughter.

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She also reflected that had she said yes to the movie offer, she would have gone places by now. She is yet to attempt going back into the film industry.

“I think the story behind me still doing makeup would actually be me genuinely enjoying what I am doing; and it is something that challenges me every day. Personally, I love a challenge and in choosing the looks I want to do, I always choose the hardest one so that I see if I am able to do it. This motivates me to continue with my craft,” she added.

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