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Exclusive: TikTok queen Mimo Karanja on what makes her stand out

Mimo Karanja is known as the TikTok Queen.

Her viral videos always evoke feelings of nostalgia because of how real the scenarios in her videos are depicted.

Now branded the Queen of TBTs (throw back moments), Mimo has curved a niche for herself on the app.

The funny woman, whose videos always leave ribs cracking across many social media platforms has come out to disclose what sets her apart from other content creators.


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Speaking in an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the creative said that the uniqueness of her videos skyrocketed her content creation career, as many people laud her originality and authenticity.

“TBT videos are what gave me my space in the content creation scene. TBT/Mafinyoo videos made me who I am, and they opened doors for me.

I feel like people saw themselves in those videos as it reminded them of a certain happy place in their childhood,” said Mimo.

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Mimo Karanja TikTok Queen
Mimo Karanja TikTok Queen

The 26-year-old creative further stated that her ideas were greatly received by Tiktok users and that they would also incorporate them in their videos.

She added that in as much as the idea of Nairobi girls was something she introduced on Tiktok, TBT videos are what set her apart from other creators.

“It was a unique thing because I feel like the Nairobi girls videos I was doing, I started on Tiktok but eventually people picked the idea and spread it but the idea was originally mine.”


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“I knew Nairobi girls’ narrative was easy for people to just get the sound and use, which was okay, but with TBT videos, I feel like that is what defined me,” she said.

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Speaking about maintaining her relevance in the industry, the creative said that being herself is something that has contributed to her growth as a creative as many creatives nowadays are swayed by staged characters.

“When I was starting, I did not have any specific niche as I was doing anything and everything. What worked for me is me being me.

For TBT videos it’s easy to get away with just being myself. The only thing that makes me get into character are the clothes I wear for a specific video.”

She added: “I feel like many people appreciate me being myself.”


Ei Sakaja amewateka!!!🤣🤣 #nairobi #sakajaforgvn #2022kenyaelection #mimokaranja

♬ original sound – Mimo Karanja

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In many of her videos, Mimo is seen chewing rather vigorously. This aspect of the online character adds an interesting comic effect to her videos.

It is also one of her unique selling points.

“It came naturally when I was working at a media house, where this friend of mine and I always wanted to add a little sass to our conversations.

When I started the Nairobi girls’ videos, I needed the sass to come through and I found myself chewing just to make it juicier.

Chewing gave the character of a true Nairobi girl,” said Mimo.

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