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Exclusive: Tiktoker spills the beans on family uproar over Mama Akoth

Content creator Patrick Obayi popularly known as Mama Akoth, has opened up about his family members’ reactions to his videos online.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Obayi reveals that his reactions, especially to Kenyan wives and women, were ignited by his mother and grandmother.

He says the two, like any African parent, do not like to answer obvious questions and will often respond sarcastically to the question asked.

While they have shaped the nature of his videos, the 38-year-old notes that his mother’s reaction was somewhat predictable when she first came across his videos.

“She laughed when she saw the videos and then told me ‘wewe ni wazimu’ (you are crazy),” he reveals. “She likes to say wewe ni wazimu ama wewe ni ng’ombe. That’s it.”

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What’s more, Obayi’s siblings laugh at the videos and repost them on their social media to show their support for one of their own.

Having spent much of his time in Uganda and Tanzania, Obayi attributes his mastery of the language to mixing with the citizens of the countries.

He says this has enabled him to shape the responses he gives in his videos while respecting the mannerisms and behaviour of Ugandan and Tanzanian women.

With inspiration for some of his videos coming from his surroundings or suggestions from his fans, Obayi says that when an idea comes to him, he records it immediately so that he does not forget it and also to make the reaction as raw as possible.

“I don’t overthink. If an idea comes to me, even in the middle of doing something around the house, I will take my camera and get into character, keeping in mind what my mother would say,” he says.

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