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Exclusive: Trio Mio’s mum fears for son’s life

Trio Mio’s mother has called for immediate police action after two individuals threatened to kill her son, alleging that he stole money they had contributed.

The incident unfolded on Twitter, where a group of boys known as “Thee Carbon” posted a menacing tweet directed at the young artist, causing alarm among his family.

The threatening message, posted on Twitter, read: “Trio Mio, we will kill you. Mbona utuibie pesa ya mchango. Tunakuua, hatukuogopi. (Why would you steal money that we fundraised? We will kill you, we are not afraid of you.)”

Expressing her concern, Trio Mio’s mother exclusively told Nairobi News that her son had been subjected to a harrowing ordeal just two months prior, when he was mugged at gunpoint.

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She recorded the incident on April 22, 2023, at 7:47 am at Tassia Police Post via OB Number: 12\27\04\23.

This traumatic incident has left the family shaken and unwilling to dismiss any threats as mere jokes or harmless banter.

“We don’t even know them. That is a bad joke,” Trio Mio’s mother said, referring to the individuals behind the threatening post.

She emphasized that ignorance cannot serve as a defense, especially at a time when citizens face genuine safety concerns daily.

Mama Trio said the use of threatening language, even in jest, is far from funny and can have severe consequences.

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While awaiting a response from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Trio Mio’s mother has taken a firm stance, determined to report the incident and hold the culprits accountable for their actions.

She expressed her disappointment at the extreme measures some people resort to for the sake of content creation, stressing that such behavior crosses ethical boundaries.

“Fame does not just come in a day; you have to work hard,” she asserted, highlighting the dedication and effort required for success.

Chasing clout at the expense of someone’s safety is unethical and jeopardizes the well-being of individuals targeted by such actions,” she said.

In a previous YouTube interview, Trio Mio recounted a terrifying encounter in April, when gunmen robbed him.

Recalling the incident, the young artist shared his traumatic experience, revealing that he had lost his personal belongings and a part of himself.

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