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EXCLUSIVE: Uhuru has not bought me a car, Bunge la Mwananchi’s Gaucho says

Bunge la Mwananchi President Calvince Okoth aka Gaucho has rubbished claims that retired President Uhuru Kenyatta bought him a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser V8.

Speaking Exclusively to Nairobi News, Gaucho said the black V8 whose photos are being shared on various social media pages is not his.

“Uhuru has not bought me a car. Those are people who just want to spread propaganda. I still don’t own a car,” Gaucho said.

Gaucho also noted that he was to meet the retired president but he is still consulting with his party leader Raila Odinga on the matter.

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“Uhuru asked me to meet him but I have not done so. I was to tell him what I need or want him to do for me but I was still consulting my boss,” Gaucho said.

However, he revealed that he has talked to Mr Odinga and they have agreed to meet Mr Kenyatta either Monday or Tuesday next week.

“I am under Odinga and I can’t just jump around, meeting people without consulting him, we have talked and agreed to meet Uhuru in the course of next week.”

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Gaucho’s sentiments came just a few days after photos of a V8 emerged online with people saying that the retired president bought the car him.

During the recently held Jubilee Party National Delegates Convention at Ngong Racecourse, Mr Kenyatta, who is the party leader, promised to buy Gaucho ‘lunch’ for standing with him.

In one interview with Nairobi News, Gaucho described Mr Kenyatta as a good friend of his. However, he noted that although Mr Kenyatta is his boss, Mr Odinga is his father.

“He (Mr Kenyatta) was our president. I am also the president of Bunge la Mwananchi. We are both leaders and that’s why I call him my friend,” he said.

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