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Exclusive: Uncovering the truth behind Amber Ray’s Sh450,000 wig purchase

On a video emerged online showing flashy businessman Kennedy Rapudo spending Sh420,000 on a wig for his fiancée Faith Makau aka Amber Ray.

In the video that emerged on Instagram, the two love birds are seen visiting a wig shop where the socialite picks a wig of her choice and Rapudo pays for it at the cashier.

When Nairobi News reached out to the socialite she directed this site to call Luxury Hair.

“Please reach out to Luxury Hair for more details,” Amber Ray said before hanging up.

Nairobi News reached out to Luxury Hair which sells Human Hair Extensions.

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“We don’t have a wig worth Sh420,000. She bought several wigs…,” one of the attendants at the shop told Nairobi News.

However, she disconnected the call to confirm the exact number of wigs Amber Ray purchased.

When Nairobi News reached out again, another attendant received the call but declined to give more details.

“You can call Amber Ray and ask her for more details. It is against our rules. We cannot give more details about the nature of what she bought,” she responded.

Rapudo’s sweet gesture comes barely a day after the two claimed that they do not fake their lifestyle.

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The two, who spoke during an interview with a local YouTuber, stressed that they cannot fabricate what they already have.

Online sleuths have been on the power couple’s radar, questioning the source of Rapudo’s wealth.

Just a few weeks ago, Amber Ray revealed that she spends Sh300,000 every single day.

The mother of two added that the amount is not enough to satisfy her spending habits.

“Before I got married, I used to spend 300k a day. Nowadays, I don’t use my money anymore,” she said during an interview with Plug TV.

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