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Exclusive: Vera Sidika spent Sh2million on her daughter’s birthday

Entrepreneur and socialite Vera Sidika has revealed that she slashed millions of shillings on her daughter Asia’s first birthday. Asia Brown turned one year old on October 20, 2022.

Asia also celebrated a half birthday when she was six months old, a time when her parents announced that she would be a CEO. Vera launched a baby hair product company for Asia.

Speaking exclusively to Nairobi News, the mother of two said she will do everything to create memories for her children.

“I did two birthdays, I did half birthday and one year birthday. The decor for the one-year birthday was separate from the food and everything else, including the play area for the kid,” Vera said adding that the she spent almost Sh2million.

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Vera also said that she imported her daughter’s birthday dress from Florida in the USA and it cost her $250 (roughly Sh31,000).

The dress was described as an Esmeralda pink dress made with silk tulle and silk satin top and comes with a matching head piece.

Asked what type of a mother she wants her kids to know, Vera said she wants to be the coolest mum ever.

Left: Socialite Vera Sidika with her hubby Brown Mauzo. Right: Vera, Brown and their daughter Asia. PHOTOS | COURTESY

She said, however wealthy she is, she wants her children to be very kind and very appreciative of what life has to offer.

“I mean growing up with a mum like me, they are gonna be spoilt so I don’t want them to think that is all life is about. I want them to know that there are people who don’t have some things,” she said.

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Vera defended her personality saying she is full of positive energy and not a snob as many people think.

“Some people even think I am unapproachable which is not the case. I am a kind soul,” she said.

Socialite Vera Sidika also advised upcoming socialites to make use of their brand before they fade away.

She told them not to accept free tags in exchange of free goods.

“What is the point of being broke and yet you are famous? Don’t do batter trade, just know your worth, don’t get free things for a tag,” she said adding that growing a brand is very hectic.

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