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Exclusive: Vera Sidika – Why I lied about having my butt reduced

In October last year socialite Vera Sidika was trending for days after she posted a photo of herself appearing to have undergone a butt reduction.

The photo came as a surprise to her fans many of who have always identified the soon to be mother of two for her voluptuous behind.

But a few days later, while everyone was talking about her online, Vera strategically released her first song debuting her into the music industry.

From the music video, everyone could see that her famous butt was still intact and that the photo that was doing rounds on social media was actually photoshopped. This aroused mixed reactions from her fans with a section of them accusing her of being a clout chaser.

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So why go through all that trouble of lying about undergoing a surgery to reduce her butt? Now, Vera has come out to explain why she intentionally misled her fans. She says all she wanted to do was to gauge the public’s reaction.

“Sometime last year a photo of me with a flat bum trended and I am not ashamed to say that the photo was not real and I am the one who shared it online. Everyone jumped to conclusions. All I can say is that I like to play around a little bit and tease,” Vera said.

“I was thinking people know Vera because of her big behind so how are they going to feel if it is not there. Are they still going to love me? It was an experiment and I loved the outcome,” she explained further.

Vera first shot into the limelight 10 years ago appearing as a video vixen to the popular song You Guy sang by Genge group P-Unit. Her voluptuous derriere was what mostly captured the attention of Kenyans.

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Thereafter, her life has been nothing short of a reality show itself. She has travelled the world, been in messy relationships and even undergone a procedure to change the tone of her skin colour. Vera is even on record for admitting that only fake thing on her body is her breasts.

“I think I am one of the few celebrities who has received more hate than love. I have heard people who say that my life is fake that I am broke, that I am no longer relevant. But you know what? Faking life is even more expensive than living it. My life has always been open and real except for my boobs,” she once said.

“I am one of the few celebrities who has been in the industry for 10 years and I am still relevant. I feel that I have gone full circle to what I wanted my career to be. Being on a reality TV show was definitely on my vision board, I have travelled the world, I have gone through experiences in life that at this point in life no one can tell me nothing,” she said.

Her latest big achievement is having been selected as a member of the five-women cast of The Real Housewives of Nairobi, which premiered this week Showmax.

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