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EXCLUSIVE: Veteran broadcaster Leonard Mambo Mbotela inspires youthful presenters

Renowned radio journalist Leonard Mambo Mbotela has shared words of wisdom and encouragement for young broadcasters, highlighting the competitive nature of the industry and the need for relentless determination.

In an exclusive phone interview with Nairobi News, Mbotela expressed how being among the “kings of radio” continues to motivate him every day.

The veteran radio personality celebrated his 83rd birthday surrounded by loved ones and close friends, reflecting on his journey and accomplishments.

Mbotela shared his gratitude for reaching this milestone, stating:

“People could not believe that I am 83 years old. I am very happy to be alive.”

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Despite his desire to celebrate his birthday with Kenyans at the Madaraka Day festivities, he explained that the location of the celebrations made it difficult for him to travel there.

With a career spanning several decades, Mbotela has left an indelible mark on radio and television broadcasting, establishing himself as a household name in Kenya.

His long-running show, ‘Je Huu Ni Ungwana’, is still going strong after 52 years, a source of immense pride for the veteran broadcaster.

Mbotela expressed his joy in being recognized as one of the “Kings of radio in Kenya.”

Speaking about his diverse audience, Mbotela acknowledged that he has garnered a dedicated following from both the younger generation and loyal listeners who have grown up with his show.

While he may not be able to be in the studio every day, he ensures that his show is pre-recorded over the weekends, guaranteeing its consistent presence throughout the week.

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Mbotela’s illustrious career began in the early 1970s when he joined the national broadcaster, Voice of Kenya (now Kenya Broadcasting Corporation).

Throughout his career, Mbotela has received numerous accolades and awards, acknowledging his exceptional contributions to Kenyan media.

In 2019, he was honored with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the Olx Social Media Awards, a testament to his remarkable impact on the industry.

Mbotela’s enduring legacy goes beyond entertaining and informing generations of Kenyans.

Mbotela emphasized his desire to be remembered as someone who respects everyone regardless of age and spreads love, actively engaging with young people through various platforms to mentor them.

“Currently, I am also engaging young people in various platforms just to mentor them.”

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