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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Kenya’s dumbest man hitches a lift on chopper

A foolish man hanged on the chopper that had delivered the body of slain Jacob Juma as it flew away from Bungoma’s Posta grounds on Friday.

A video shows the desperate moment other mourners frantically shouted, signaling the pilot to land and save the man.

Obviously, the pilot did not hear the shouts and flew away with the poor man still suspended from the chopper’s tabular landing skids.

Helicopters can fly up to 8,000 feet above the sea level.

The man’s whereabouts were unknown by press time, although our reporters are working tirelessly to establish his fate.

The chopper had delivered Juma’s body at Bungoma’s Posta grounds, instead of Kanduyi stadium as was earlier scheduled, for public viewing.

Juma will then be buried at his family home in Mungore village, Khasoko area of Bumula Constituency.

Watch the video here.