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Exclusive: Vivianne on clout chasing and her ‘sister’ who died of cancer

Last month singer Vivianne trended for all the wrong and right reasons depending on which side you were on. It all started when she posted a photo of a woman on a hospital bed.

According to Vivianne, the woman on the hospital bed was her sister and had succumbed to cancer. Fans camped on her Instagram page to offer their messages of condolences, only to find out later that the woman was not related in any way to Vivianne.

She later deleted the post and announced her new song that she had collaborated with singer Fire Flames. Her fans were however not amused. They saw this as the lowest form of clout chasing.

So what really happened to make one of Kenya’s celebrated artistes resort to such. Vivianne spoke to Nairobi News.

The post of the lady who succumbed to cancer, your fans believed it was one of your sisters because of how you captioned it. Was it intentional and how did your family take it, especially your sisters, because your fans believed one of them had died?

Being a public figure for close to 10 years I see my fans as my brothers and sisters. Many have watched me grow and develop and in normal circumstances this would have been preserved for biological family. In my case because of the role I play in the public there are many who are close like family.

Unfortunately we are addicted to gossip as a nation and even good Godly scenarios are misread. I know there are many cancer patients who gained hope and believe in God. Some of my family was worried so I chose to post they are well.

It is important to note that as an influential figure many people see what they choose and project. I do not fear to be disliked everything will reveal itself in time. Those who know me know this. Remember Jesus healed people and they crucified Him. Humans are humans but God doesn’t change.

You later deleted the post and released a song, was it clout chasing?

I archived the post to give room to my biological family to find their reprieve. The song was released way before & it is genuine. I pray for physical and mental healing to all who have faith.

Many have been affected by cancer and all forms of depression & other challenges. Let’s humanize and walk one another to long life. We are living in odd times. God help us.

When artistes clout chase does it mean they do not believe in the power of their music?

I do not clout chase. I have fought battles in my career and life that many would crash and I am grateful that despite hateful people God sent me impartial helpers who see me for who I am. I have no regrets or apologies. God knows my heart.

This mystery guy, can you reveal more about him?

The main man in my life right now is my Father in heaven. He has sent me father figures who are guiding me in my season of transformation. I am happy to be alive and to show those who will be willing to live free that God sees them especially when they feel alone.

So many young people struggle every day to stay alive. I want them to know there is hope. Against many odds I have new beautiful music coming up and brand new podcast episodes.

When my marriage ended, I lost my house and many possessions, I lost old friends but I gained new loving community. I was left for dead but instead I now have a new sound and new show. I am finally in my happy space and nothing can take that away.

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