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EXCLUSIVE: Why Alfred Mutua follows Tanzanian music icon Rayvanny on IG

Tourism Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua has opened up to his Instagram ‘habits’ in a surprising revelation.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the renowned public figure shed light on why he exclusively follows Tanzanian music sensation Rayvanny on the popular social media platform.

“Rayvanny and I share a birthday; we’re both born on August 22nd, and we celebrate our birthdays together, and generally, we’re excellent friends. So I figured through Instagram and the people that follow me, and those that follow him, I get all that is going on,” shared Dr. Mutua.

The unexpected connection between the two, celebrating their birthdays in unison, has fostered a unique bond that extends beyond mere social media connections. Dr. Mutua’s explanation underscores a deep camaraderie and personal affinity with Rayvanny, which many fans and followers were particularly curious about.

“I also follow him because of my music interest. I love his music,” Dr. Mutua added.

In 2022, Dr Mutua, who is the former governor of Machakos County hosted a double birthday party with  Rayvanny at Emara Hotel, Ole Sereni in Nairobi.

Mutua who is turning 53 has also shared a touching message thanking his parents for ‘raising him well’.

The celebrated politician specifically acknowledged his father for being a happy soul and for his rib-tickling jokes.

The CS, now 53, who was formerly married to rapper Juliani’s wife Lilian Ng’ang’a also celebrated Tanzanian singer Rayvanny in a heartwarming post.

Sharing via Facebook he wrote, “To those who have been in and out of my life and made me better – Ahsante. My friends (and I am lucky to have genuine friends), the adventure continues.” Adding: “I am at a very good place in life – happy, peaceful, content and grateful. God truly loves me. Mbele iko sawa!”

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