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EXCLUSIVE: Why Brown Mauzo missed daughter Asia’s birthday party

Brown Mauzo, the ex-husband of socialite Vera Sidika, has revealed the reasons behind his noticeable absence from their daughter Asia’s second birthday celebration in October.

The event, organized by Vera, sparked mixed reactions from fans as Mauzo was nowhere to be seen.

Speaking to Nairobi News, Mauzo explained that his discomfort with the venue, which was Vera’s apartment, played a significant role in his decision not to attend.

“I have been so close to Asia, and I wish I could have attended that birthday, but there were things that were going on. She said she did not want me close to her immediately after she came back to the country,” Mauzo explained.

Mauzo added, “Again, the birthday happened at her house, and I was not okay going to her house. It would have reminded me so much of my memories about us. It would have also been so hard for me to leave my kids. We had just separated two months ago, and I have not healed.”

Mauzo expressed his desire to spend time with his children outside of the house before taking them back to Vera’s residence for the birthday celebration.

He emphasized that his absence was not a reflection of his feelings toward his daughter but rather a personal decision based on his emotional state.

Vera Sidika had recently expressed frustration over Mauzo’s public revelation of their second child’s face, Ice Brown, which she claimed disrupted her plans for an extravagant reveal party.

Responding to Vera’s concerns, Mauzo clarified that he was not aware of any plans and emphasized that, as long as he did not post anything negative, there was no reason for anger.

“I did nothing in posting him. Vera had given me that photo when we were on good terms. I did not know things were being planned. I will also not question her if she does the same it was not a big deal. I love doing things the way I want. I did not know there were plans underway,” Mauzo said.

Vera confirmed extending an invitation to Brown Mauzo for their daughter’s birthday celebration, expressing her hope that he would take the opportunity to spend quality time with Asia.

However, her expectations were met with disappointment as he failed to attend the event.

In her Instagram stories, Vera emphasized the importance of a father-daughter bond but clarified that she cannot compel him to participate.

“How is any of that my fault??? Am I to carry him with a crane, force him to attend his daughter’s bday? Hell no.”

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