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Exclusive: Why Elani hasn’t released any music – Wambui Ngugi 

Kenyan musical band Elani has once again become a hot topic on Twitter, trending on 28 May as fans expressed their curiosity about the band’s lack of recent music releases.

Made up of talented vocalists Maureen Kunga, Wambui Ngugi and Brian Chweya, Elani has captivated audiences with their powerful voices that send shivers down the spine.

The trio surprised their fans when they decided to take a break and left them wanting more.

Their last album, The Colour of Love, left a lasting impression, especially with the hit, Kookoo.

With over 100,000 subscribers and 74 videos on their YouTube channel, Elani’s absence has left their devoted fans feeling lost and yearning for new music.

In an interview with Nairobi News, Wambui Ngugi acknowledged the pressure from fans eagerly awaiting the band’s next project.

Giving an insight into their current situation, she said, “We are enjoying each other’s company during our little break from releasing projects together. We’re also exploring other things we’ve always wanted to do.”

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Fame comes with a certain amount of caution, Wambui explains, as they strive to protect their personal lives and only share what they feel comfortable sharing with the public.

Their focus remains on their music, allowing fans to get to know them on their terms.

Addressing their loyal fans, Wambui thanked them and assured them that Elani was thinking of them.

She said they will bless their fans with some songs when the time is right.

Wambui believes that their plans are guided by a higher power, stating, “God will see our plans through and when the time comes…”.

Reflecting on their impact, Wambui shared the wonder of seeing people of all ages appreciate their music.

Elani’s songs have touched the lives of both younger and older generations, creating a lasting connection.

She added that the band members are humbled by the unexpected success of their hit songs, which they never imagined would have such a profound impact.

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