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EXCLUSIVE: Why Eric Omondi quit taking alcohol

Comedian Eric Omondi recently shared insights into his choice to abstain from alcohol during an interview with Nairobi News.

The self-proclaimed president of comedy revealed he has refrained from consuming alcohol for the past seven years, citing the negative effects it had on his physical appearance and performance.

“I don’t drink alcohol now for like seven years. I used to drink a lot, but I became so thin that I could not perform, and I also noticed that I would forget some jokes. I looked very old, so I decided to just quit it,” Eric said.

Eric also said that he has never been addicted to any substance. Although he has never smoked, he expressed an appreciation for the smell of tobacco, acknowledging the potential risks of becoming an addict if he were to ever try smoking.

Eric believes that maintaining sobriety enables individuals to achieve their goals more efficiently, drawing a parallel between a drunk person’s struggle to reach home and the benefits of being sober.

“I have also never smoked anything in my life but I love the tobacco smell. I am afraid I can easily become an addict if I ever try smoking. Just like a drunk man take a lot of time to get home, being sober helps you achieve your goal faster,” he said.

During the interview, the comedian also discussed a recent attention-grabbing ‘massive shoe’ he wore while on tour in Tanzania.

Valued at Ksh 58,000, he said the oversized footwear symbolizes his unique talent and serves as a statement to those who have yet to comprehend his comedic prowess.

“Nobody can fit in my shoe. I am the most relevant artiste in the country. Nobody can tell what I am going to do next in my comedy, and I am unpredictable, maintaining an element of surprise for my fans,” Eric proudly proclaimed.

Elaborating on the shoe’s origins, he revealed that it was locally made by a skilled craftsman named Obare from the Makina market in Kibra.

Eric expressed his desire to support local designers, highlighting the abundance of talent in Kenya and encouraging the nation to embrace its own creations rather than relying on imports.

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