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Exclusive: Why I pay my nannies generously – Caroline Mutoko

Caroline Mutoko, a well-known media personality, has disclosed that she pays her nannies above minimum wage.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, the former Kiss FM presenter revealed that she compensates her house help generously.

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While Mutoko refrained from disclosing the exact amount, she did mention that she pays them above the minimum wage. The minimum wage in Kenya is Ksh 15120.

“Just imagine Winnie, your employee telling people how much you earn. It’s very unfair,” Mutoko explained.

When asked why she couldn’t reveal her employees’ salaries, she said it would be unfair to them as it might endanger their security.

“Imagine you told your family that you are earning maybe Sh10,000 and your employer reveals that he or she is paying you Sh20,000. That is trouble,” Mutoko told Nairobi News.

Mutoko, who has trained several media personalities, noted that some employees hide their earnings from their families, and revealing what they earn might put them in trouble.

She emphasized that she knows her employees’ situation and that they do a great job, and that’s why she pays them extremely well.

“I have had two ladies for a long time. So anything they need they are equipped with,” she said.

“I hire someone who knows how to do her job. I hire someone who is able to keep my house neat, someone who knows how to use equipment in my house, someone who knows how to make a bed and fold tissue paper. This is why I pay them well.”

Mutoko pointed out, “It’s also good to note that I hire trained people and I pay them for their worth.”

She hires skilled people who can keep her house tidy, know how to use equipment, make a bed, and fold tissue paper.

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Mutoko has been a strong advocate for women’s empowerment. She believes women should support each other and help them achieve their goals.

She stresses that women need people who can stand by them during difficult moments and not just during the good times.

Mutoko encourages women to reach out to each other when they need help and to support each other.

She reminds women not to allow another woman to be shredded before their eyes, but instead to cover her up and hold her nakedness.

“I am my grandmother’s wildest dream. We need women who will hold each other’s hand and help them achieve their goals,” Mutoko said, noting that women also want people who would stick around them at their lowest points.

“We don’t just want to be cheered when we are doing great, we also need those who can stand with us in our difficult moments. However, it’s also good to take note when another woman is trying to offer you support.

Reach out to other women when they’re down. Also, don’t allow a woman to be shredded before your eyes, cover her up and hold her nakedness,” she said.

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