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Exclusive: Why Octopizzo is wedding his wife for the 5th time

Renowned hip-hop artist Octopizzo has unveiled plans for a fifth wedding with his current wife, challenging societal norms and emphasizing the importance of continuous appreciation within a marriage.

The rapper, who has previously celebrated four weddings, shared his intentions during an exclusive interview with Nairobi News as his unique approach to expressing gratitude to his life partner.

Octopizzo, who has refrained from revealing the identity or nationality of his Caucasian wife, emphasised the distinct nature of each wedding, considering them as unique expressions of appreciation.

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In December 2023, the artist marked his fourth wedding by exchanging vows with his long-time partner.

“I will also do another big one. I did the church wedding, there was a traditional wedding, then there was a street wedding with my boys who we used to talk about having colourful weddings. And then, there is this recently where I decided to appreciate my wife. Men should be paying dowry for their wives in different ways annually,” Octopizzo said.

The father of four challenged societal norms and encouraged men to find innovative ways to express appreciation for their partners.

“When she gives birth, you pay dowry, she is peaceful, and you show appreciation again. You can’t just be taking livestock as dowry; some cultures don’t do that.”

Octopizzo revealed his belief that weddings serve as a meaningful way to strengthen relationships, advocating for more than just birthday celebrations.

“For me, the only way to appreciate my wife is through weddings. I do a full wedding with everything new and invite people. It makes the relationship grow, not just by doing birthdays. I will still marry her again and again as long as I am alive.”

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The artist highlighted the significance of creating lasting memories for his family, expressing that the investments made in weddings are invaluable.

“For the ring, we rebranded. We spent a lot of money, but that is priceless to me. I can spend everything on my family because we live on memories. We’ll be old one day, and that is the only thing our kids will learn from us. We are the ones to build the love stories for our children and our future generation.”

Octopizzo has three children with three other baby mamas and a son with his current wife.