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EXCLUSIVE: Why Rashid Abdalla rarely comments on politics

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 24th, 2023 1 min read

Citizen TV journalist, Rashid Abdalla, has shared his reasons for steering clear of politics and his dedication to making a difference within his community through alternative means.

Abdalla, a seasoned journalist known for his exemplary reporting, offered sage advice to budding media personalities, emphasizing the importance of believing in one’s aspirations and not allowing detractors to deter them from their chosen path.

“Believe in what you want to achieve in life and do not be discouraged by naysayers. In life, you might have a vision, and others may tell you it won’t work. However, it might work for you. Practice patience, understand your priorities, and remember that not all steps need to be visible to the public. Follow your own unique journey,” Abdalla said.

He also took the opportunity to address his decision not to venture into politics, which some of his colleagues in the industry have pursued.

Abdalla asserted that he already considers himself a leader in his current profession, emphasizing his commitment to listening and seeking solutions within his capacity.

“I am already a leader in what I do. I am a good listener and strive, to the best of my abilities, to find solutions. That’s why I initiated the Rashid Abdalla Supercup, my way of giving back to the community and effecting change in my own home. This tournament serves the community, and I pay heed to their needs,” Abdalla stated.

In his concluding remarks, Rashid Abdalla’s commitment to his role as a journalist and his dedication to community-focused initiatives exemplify the potential for individuals in the public eye to influence positive change without necessarily entering the realm of politics.

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